I have listed a new property at 3969 203A ST in Langley.
Honey Stop The Car! Wonderful 4 bedroom Air Conditioned family home situated on a 10,560 sq ft lot in the Heart of Brookswood! This spacious home boasts many great features from updated kitchen, gas stove, skylights, shop has 2pc bathroom,family room, full basement has multiple uses plus office space and more it is a fully ground level walk out. Plenty of Storage. Detached 780 sq ft Shop w/220 wiring double doors great for the man in the house! Roof Approx. 10 years old on house, 1 year old on shop and shed. RV Parking ... steps to Belmont School only 3-4 blocks to Shopping & Restaurant's. Great Home For A Great Family! We would love to work with you! Call Today for your Personal Tour!!!
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REW.ca posted a perfect article for today's dreary fall weather that I would like to share with you:


Fall is in the air and with it comes vibrant red, orange and yellow foliage and cooler nights. It’s also the season when you need to spend a little time outdoors to prepare your home for the chilly temperatures ahead. With the heavy wind and rainfalls we experience on the West coast, a little fall clean-up will go a long way to avoid potentially expensive repairs or nasty slips.


REW spoke to Carole Briggs of Gardens of Eden Plantscaping and Mora Scott, media relations at BC Hydro.


Garden Clean-up

Taking a little time to prepare your garden for winter will make spring garden clean-up a breeze, says Briggs. First off, remove any dead foliage and annuals out of the ground. Then, it’s time to add new organic rich soil to ensure that you will have a healthier growing garden next spring.

“It’s also the time of year when I recommend fertilizing the lawn to strengthen your lawn’s roots and kill any weeds,” says Briggs.

Trimming Branches

Typically, pruning trees is a spring job. However, if there are trees growing too close to power lines, both Briggs and Scott advise hiring a professional skilled at maintaining healthy trees and plants and who are able to identify hazards created by vegetation.Falling branches and toppling trees can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Sprinklers and Outdoor Faucets

Before the first frost, disconnect your garden hoses and blow them out. Winter temperatures can freeze the water trapped inside your hoses, which can cause your indoor pipes to burst. Briggs suggests it be done in October or early November at the latest.

Gutters and Eaves

When cleaning the leaves off the gutters, pay particular attention to the downspout. If leaves and debris are clogging it, water won't drain properly and – along with mildew and mud – you’ll end up with sagging gutters.

However, Scott cautions against using a metal ladder near power lines when cleaning out your gutters. A fiberglass ladder is a better solution in this situation.

“It is also much safer if you have someone with you anytime you are up on a ladder,” adds Scott.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Make sure to check your sidewalks and driveways for any cracks as water can seep through and freeze, creating larger cracks. Invest a little time now to fill in the cracks to avoid falls or more high-priced repairs later on. Not only that, clearing your sidewalks and driveways regularly throughout fall will help prevent a nasty slip.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

Although most of today’s homes are equipped with gas or electric fireplaces, there are still many Lower Mainland homes with wood-burning ones. A chimney is essentially an exhaust pipe, which funnels away soot, smoke, gases, hot ashes and sparks. A fall sweep should be an essential part of your yearly home maintenance.

If you have a gas-burning fireplace, when was the last time the flue was swept? Has it been tested to ensure that no cracks or faults have occurred? Are dangerous gases escaping? Experts suggest your chimney should be swept once a year, or if it’s used daily, then twice a year.


If you want to extend the life of your roof one of the easiest and most important things you can do is regularly inspect it. When examining your roof you want to pay close attention to any leaves or other debris. The problem with leaves and debris collecting on your roof is they start to gather water or moisture which will begin to break down the shingles. Debris can also collect in valleys which will eventually prevent the proper flow of water away from your roof and into your roof gutters.


During the colder, wetter months of the year, weather causes the most power outages in BC. From mid-November to mid-February, storms hit BC more frequently.

  • More than half of all electricity outages in BC are caused by trees.
  • In addition to causing power outages, trees too close to power lines create safety hazards such as a risk of fire.
  • BC Hydro reminds customers to never approach a downed power line. If you see one, call BC Hydro immediately at 1.888.POWERON.

Taking some time for those important outdoor fall jobs will not only save you money but potential accidents, but will allow you to rest easier at night knowing your family is safe.


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...



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Honey Stop The Car!


Bright with it's 3 skylights; this spacious 3 bedroom rancher with 2 bathrooms soaker tub with, freshly painted (interior) is great for first time home buyers or for empty-nesters.


It has a covered deck with a lovey fenced back yard and is in a great family neighborhood. The heated 3' crawl space is great for storage. Double garage with room for owners RV.








Home Sweet Home!


Call 604-832-8229 Today for your Personal Tour!


Because YOU Deserve the Best....


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BCREA reports on mortgage rates:


In stark contrast to the consensus of economists’ expectations at the end of last year, bond yields have spent most of 2014 trending downward. Indeed, perhaps weary of previous false starts, bond markets have even shrugged off recent signs of a strengthening economy, an acceleration of inflation and the unwinding of stimulus from the US Federal Reserve. Lenders have responded in kind, offering homebuyers record low mortgage rates.



Given well anchored inflation expectations and near consensus that short-term rates will be higher next year, the continued downtrend in bond yields this year is difficult to explain. One factor could be that investors are acclimating to the idea that the neutral rate, or the Bank of Canada’s preferred destination for interest rates once it tightens,
is likely much lower than in the past and that realization is being priced into expectations and therefore long-term interest rates.


Additionally, the performance of Canada’s financial and banking system post-financial crisis has won it a reputation among foreign investors as a safe harbor. Foreign holdings of Canadian government bonds and treasury bills have jumped from 15 per cent to over a quarter of outstanding debt since the global financial crisis. As uncertainty mounts in other areas of the world due to weak economic growth or unresolved conflicts, assets have crowded into both US and Canadian debt securities, forcing yields lower. Given these factors, rates could remain below historical average levels even as the Bank of Canada begins tightening.


While we do not expect the Bank to act on interest rates until late in 2015, bond yields could rise modestly before then in anticipation of higher rates, particularly if economic growth is stronger than expected. If so, we expect to see a slight increase in five-year and one-year fixed mortgage rates by the end of 2014.


For more insight, please click through to the BCREA report here.


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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Honey Stop the Car!


This one is built By Polygon and is a two bedroom, two bathroom, bright, and spacious townhome!


Features include flexible open concept plan, gourmet kitchen featuring granite counter tops, flat panel cabinetry & sleek stainless steel appliances.It has a south facing back yard with nice private patio area. Minutes away from great shopping at High Street Mall, Recreation, Abbotsford International Airport, Public & Private Schools and not to mention GREAT FREEWAY access! Did we mention NO GST!!





You can view the full listing details here


We would love to work with you. Call for your private tour today!


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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I have listed a new property at 26459 32A AVE in Langley.
Honey Stop The Car! Bright,(3 skylights) Spacious, 3 bedroom rancher with 2 bathrooms soaker tub with, freshly painted (interior) this home is great for first time home buyers or for empty nesters. Covered deck with lovey fencedback yard great family neighborhood. Heated 3' crawl space great for storage. Double garage with room for owners RV. Home Sweet Home! Call Today for your Personal Tour!
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Here are segments of an important update from RBC.com


Canada’s economy recovered from the winter wallop
Canada’s economy recovered strongly in the second quarter with real GDP growing at an annualized 3.1% rate. This was a marked improvement from the first quarter’s revised 0.9% gain and confirmed that first-quarter, weather-related weakening in activity temporarily reduced the economy’s momentum. The gain was broadly based with domestic demand rebounding by 3.0% following the 0.2% decline reported in the first quarter. Net exports also provided a solid boost to the growth rate in the second quarter. Extreme cold earlier this year hampered transportation facilities, rail systems in particular, and contributed to first-quarter declines in both exports and imports. In the second quarter, exports jumped by 17.8% and imports rose by 11.1%. The greater rise in the former resulted in net exports contributing 1.7 percentage points to annualized GDP growth in the second quarter.


And the beat goes on…..
In July, Canada’s trade deficit in volume terms narrowed for the third consecutive month, which augurs well for an improvement in the third quarter relative to the second-quarter average. This early read tracks a potentially stronger contribution to growth from net trade in the third quarter than the 1.7 and 1.6 percentage point additions in the second and first quarters, respectively. The addition from net trade in the third quarter would mark the eighth consecutive quarterly support from the component, the longest such streak on record back to at least 1981. Moreover, recent improvements have been led by strength in exports rather than import weakness with
the level of real exports in July already an annualized 13.7% above its second-quarter average.

Bank of Canada sees no need to change policy stance
The Bank of Canada left the overnight rate at 1.0% and the neutral policy basis intact earlier this month despite the stronger than expected gain in real GDP. When combined with the downgrade to the first quarter’s growth rate, the Bank said it left the level of real GDP in line with its expectations. The Bank highlighted the improvement in Canadian exports in the second quarter although stated that the upward momentum needs to be sustained in order to support business investment and employment gains. This sentiment indicates that more evidence will be needed before any change to policy will occur. The main tenet of the Bank’s July position appeared to be unchanged with the economy needing to “reach and remain at full capacity” in order for its inflation target to be met on a sustained basis and that monetary policy support continues to be required. The Bank expects the economy to reach full capacity “during the next two years.” In July, the Bank stated that the economy was expected to “reach full capacity around mid-2016.”


Read the full report by clicking here.


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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It happens, unfortunately, all the time. Foreclosures. Here are some tips for when considering a foreclosure purchase:



  • Invest time in research and preparation. Those new to the field should spend some time learning the variables of foreclosure investing before making any purchases.
  • Budget carefully to prepare for the unexpected. The house may require unforeseen repairs, such as a leaky roof or unstable deck. The price tag of the home itself is often just the first of a series of fees. What if you planned on rental cash flow to cover the mortgage, but you can’t find a tenant?
  • Avoid buying a foreclosure sight-unseen. Try to see the house yourself before buying it, or hire someone to evaluate at it in your absence. Distant investors are buying up properties unseen in bulk, and they’re often unpleasantly surprised at how much they’ve been misled.
  • Evaluate the neighborhood. If the foreclosure is rife with problems, but it’s in a desirable area with high property resale values, it may still be worth it to make a low offer. An area with several foreclosures or a high crime rate can undermine an otherwise good deal, however.
  • Consider how long the house has been vacant. Building damage – and the costs required to make the house livable - generally increases with the time that has lapsed since the last tenant vacated. Pests are a particular issue in houses that have been empty for a long time, and plumbing defects and leaks increase in likelihood in such homes, as well.
  • Examine the landscaping. Left unchecked, trees can send their roots into the foundation, and vines can creep into the windows.
  • Has the house been professionally inspected by Alliance Home Inspector? Foreclosures can be notorious for damage suffered at the hands of past tenants, through both inadvertent and intentional vandalism and theft. 

In summary, there are a number of ways to go about buying a foreclosed home, and buyers should exercise patience, persistence and careful planning before buying foreclosed properties.


If you have more questions regarding inspections and foreclosure purchases, please click here.


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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I have listed a new property at 42 31032 WESTRIDGE PL in Abbotsford.
Honey Stop the Car! Built By Polygon! Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom, Bright, Spacious townhome features include flexible open concept plan, gourmet kitchen featuring granite counter tops, flat panel cabinetry & sleek stainless steel appliances.South facing back yard with nice private patio area. Minutes away from great shopping at High Street Mall, Recreation, Abbotsford International Airport, Public & Private Schools and not to mention GREAT FREEWAY access! NO GST! We would love to work with you call for your private tour today!
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When REALTORS® are in the news for wrong-doing it's natural for a client or member of the public to ask you, who's responsible; who looks out for us?



In BC, there are two important 'watchdogs' in our industry – the Real Estate Council of BC and each local real estate board. Every REALTOR® should be able to explain the difference to their clients – who does what and why. Our profession is one of the best self-regulated. Being able to explain this to a client will build awareness and confidence.


As you know, as a REALTOR® in the Fraser Valley you're both a licensed real estate representative by Council and designated a REALTOR® by us, your professional association. Council is the regulatory body for real estate licensees in BC and is governed by the Real Estate Services Act (RESA). It's the Act that defines your role as a representative to act on behalf of buyers and sellers and regulates your conduct.


We are your professional association. We provide you with services and support to do your job but more importantly our rules of membership require even higher standards of professional conduct than those required by RESA.


A simple explanation for clients is that Council regulates who and how people get a real estate license (and how they get to keep it) and real estate Boards advocate and oversee higher business standards and professional ethics. If a REALTOR® contravenes RESA, they're breaking the law. If they breach one of our Rules, they're in violation of professional standards.


Depending on the problem or complaint, either body may investigate or occasionally it's both. Here's a table outlining some typical problems, which body it falls under and circumstances when there's cross-over: 


Complaints involving ethics, standards of business practice, our By-laws and Rules.

Complaints involving potential breaches of the Real Estate Services Act and Council Rules.

A REALTOR® not being reachable or accessible by their client Mishandling of deposits False advertising 
Council mandates that it can't be false or misleading.
The Board's standards are even more specific and stricter. 
A REALTOR® mishandling a multiple offer Forging or unauthorized signing of documents Concealing of property defects
Council defines material latent defects and their disclosure.
The Board goes further requiring past and present grow-ops be disclosed as if they were material latent defects. 
REALTORS® not cooperating with each other A real estate agent fails to disclose their Agency relationship or is deceptive about their commission Incompetence resulting in a bungled deal 
Whether it's Council, the Board or both investigating depends on the misconduct and impact on the client(s). The cause is often REATORS® who don't understand their professional responsibilities in a specific situation. 


Both Council and the Board can impose penalties, fines, and suspensions (Council can suspend or cancel a license) or require members to attend specific educational courses.


The key point to all of this is that protection of the public is paramount. Our profession in BC is highly regulated to safeguard clients and instill confidence in the public that hiring a REALTOR® means hiring a professional.


As a licensee, you made the decision to also join a Board and become a REALTOR® because you're committed to a higher standard of service and professionalism for your clients. You know that you don't have to be a member of our Board in order to practice real estate, but most clients wouldn't know this. 

So, if they question you when REALTORS® make headlines, it is well worth the few minutes of your time to give them a brief "real estate 101". Explain what Council and the Board do for them and reiterate why you chose to become a REALTOR®.



Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 7,341 residential sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in August, up 7 per cent from August 2013. Total sales dollar volume was $4.1 billion, an increase of 12.4 per cent compared to a year ago. The average MLS® residential price in the province rose to $560,318, up 5 per cent from the same month last year.


“Consumer demand remained relatively robust in August,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist. “The Okanagan and Chilliwack board areas posted the strongest year-over-year gain of 22 to 25 per cent in unit sales, while Victoria and Vancouver increased around 10 per cent respectively.” Home sales last month were the highest for the month of August since 2009.


“Low mortgage rates, increased net-migration and improving economic conditions continue to underpin housing demand in the province,” added Muir.


Year-to-date, BC residential sales dollar volume was up 22.8 per cent to $28.5 billion, compared to the same period last year. Residential unit sales were up 15.8 per cent to 57,715 units, while the average MLS® residential price was up 6.1 per cent at $564,466.

See more here.






Because YOU Deserve the Best...


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As found on canada.com:


Newspapers and magazines in early Vancouver tried to get a leg up on the competition with all sorts of wild promotions. The best deal came from British Columbia Magazine, which offered a free lot in White Rock in 1912 to anyone who laid down $1.50 for a year's subscription.


"YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY INVEST YOUR MONEY IN ANYTHING BETTER," touted an ad in the Oct. 25, 1912, edition of The Vancouver Sun. "We are offering you lots, 33x124, valued at $150, now, free, for your subscription to the British Columbia Magazine for one year.


This small investment will not break you, and will mean a great deal in the near future. GRASP THIS OPPORTUNITY NOW."



Did any of your ancestors grab this opportunty for free property?


Read the full story here.


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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"[recent] condo development comprising subsidized and high-end units has sparked yet another big debate amongst investors and tenants"



"Investors in mixed-use condo developments are increasingly concerned that the bad press and stigma towards the concept in the U.S. may be adopted here.


And their fears may be warranted as news about a new project comprising subsidized, affordable units has ignited a fresh wave of debate. Many online commentators argue that they would not pay top dollar for a high-end unit when others can get a better deal in the same building.


Similar to other such development, the complex will comprise separate amenities and entrances for those who have paid full-price and those receiving subsidies. In the case of the new Aqualina Bayside development, a number of units are being offered to artists through Artscape.


This ‘poor door’ concept is already a hot-bed of debate in New York with city officials planning to forbid separate entrances.


However, Joy Patterson from Condo Chicks believes Canadians are more welcoming and open to mixed-use developments.


“The idea of having essentially two condominiums within one location isn't bad idea. Those who pay more will in turn have access to more amenities,” she says. “It gives equal opportunity for all to live in a desirable waterfront location and the art space concept would bring some culture to the area. The term "poor door" should obviously be revamped.”"



What is your opinion of this?


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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As reported in the Globe and Mail, you can see in the chart below, home prices have grown much more quickly than the cost of renting in Vancouver over the past decade or so.




The second chart shows that the same thing happened – though more quickly – in the United States before the market there crashed, bringing prices back in line.


But DBRS does not foresee a crash occurring in Vancouver. Rather, it expects that a growing number of people will choose to rent rather than buy, driving rents up and softening the outlook for house prices. “It is more than likely that rental rates will increase at a faster rate than that of home prices going forward,” the rating agency says in a report. “Furthermore, a major correction seems unlikely given the long-term stability of the Vancouver market.”


It points out that Vancouver is Canada’s most expensive city, with prices having almost doubled since 2005. But, in DBRS’s opinion, the lack of available land to develop homes on, coupled with population growth, should help insulate the housing market from shocks. Vancouver’s population has grown 47.8 per cent since 1981, while New York’s has grown 17.8 per cent, it points out.


Vancouver home prices recently went through a slowdown, growing by only about 1.7 per cent per year for the post-recessionary period between 2008 and 2013, DBRS says. But they have rebounded recently.


When you are ready to buy I would love to work with you.


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...



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I have listed a new property at 204 32729 GARIBALDI LANE in Abbotsford.
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Honey Stop the Car!

Fabulous Top Floor Unit 1 bedroom open concept. Unit has granite counter tops, laminate flooring and stainless steel appliances. It also boasts a mountain view off your deck to the North; hard to beat.




Located in the Stirling building, 2 blocks from Mill Lake, 4 blocks from the new hospital and convenient to Hwy 1. No Rentals, 1 pet allowed. 



View the full listing details here.


Call today at 604.832.8229! Why rent when you can own?


Because YOU Deserve the Best...


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