On behalf of Fraser Valley’s 2,700-plus REALTORS®, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board has donated $21,000 to five of its region’s food banks.



Ray Werger is the Board’s president. “As REALTORS®, it is our commitment to support our communities in which we both live and work. The Fraser Valley continues to grow and develop each year at an incredible rate, and so does the need for food for our neighbours who are less fortunate."


Werger adds, “In our region alone, food banks serve approximately 22,000 people every month, many of whom are children and babies. We hope this gift will help in providing aid for Fraser Valley residents that is so desperately needed.”


As in previous years, the donation is divided proportionately based on the number of REALTORS® represented in each community with $9,450 going to the Surrey Food Bank; $4,200 going to the Langley Food Bank; $3,900 going to Sources White Rock South Surrey Food Bank; $2,730 to the Abbotsford Food Bank; and $630 to St. Joseph’s Food Bank in Mission.


Marilyn Herrmann, Executive Director of the Surrey Food Bank, received FVREB’s cheque on behalf of the communities of North Delta and Surrey. “Regardless of where you live, there will always be someone close to you, be it a stranger or friend, who is hungry or needs to feed their family.


“We are very grateful to have received this gift, especially as this is a demanding time of year for many. Food banks in the Fraser Valley face an increasing population of low-income neighbours who need our help and our work is reliant on the donations we receive throughout the year. Thank you Fraser Valley REALTORS® for contributing to our vision to reduce hunger and elevate the quality of life in our communities.”


British Columbia’s food banks support nearly 100,000 people every year. To support your local food bank, please visit www.foodbanksbc.com. For more information about all FVREB community giving initiatives, go towww.fvreb.bc.ca.


Because YOU Deserve the Best...


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Real Estate Weekly reported on: When is it a good idea to purchase a home with lots of extras – and when are you better off with a local fitness centre membership? 



If you’ve purchased a fancy gym membership for 2015 and are already finding it hard to stick to your new regime, you may have wasted a lot of cash. But what if your fitness centre was in your building – would you get better value?


Amenities in today’s new condo market have reached new heights, with full-size fitness centres, pools, rooftop patios with barbecues, lounges with chef’s kitchens, guest suites and other common-use areas expanding your home beyond its four walls. Developers are selling more than just homes – they’re selling a lifestyle.


But amenities don’t come for free – they can add to your purchase price and strata fees. So when is it a good idea to purchase a home with lots of extras and when are you better off sticking with that local fitness centre membership?


Hani Lammam with Cressey Development Group advises buyers to purchase homes where there are as many amenities as possible – provided they can afford the asking price and the associated strata fees.


“There is a maintenance cost associated with amenities,” he said, “but they can also protect your resale value. The vast majority of developers today are including amenities in some form, but the extent to which, for instance, a fitness centre is equipped is what sets them apart. It’s the attention to detail that distinguishes buildings.”


Cressey is just a few weeks away from presales on Beverley in White Rock, which will include a two-storey club featuring a fitness centre, whirlpool, steam room and lap pool. The condo development also includes a patio, lounge, guest suite, garden, barbecue area and playground.


“It’s difficult to say how much the fitness centre adds to the [purchase] cost of each unit at Beverley,” said Lammam, “but it’s a very small percentage because that cost is spread out among all the owners. It’s likely less than five per cent. In terms of what a fitness centre adds to your monthly maintenance fees, it depends on what’s included in the facility. ‘Wet’ amenities, such as hot tubs and pools, can add an extra 15 per cent to your strata fees. Pools will last a lifetime if properly maintained. And, the commercial grade equipment at the Beverley’s fitness centre should last about 20 years.”


With the price of a high-end gym membership running around $1,000 a year, taking the extra hit instead to your monthly maintenance fees can be a good investment according to Katie Dunsworth-Reiach, a personal finances expert and co-founder of Smart Cookies. Annual strata fees for larger units run around $5,300 a year, with 15 per cent (about $800) paying for the gym, pool, sauna and steam room. That’s substantially less than belonging to a private club. With an estimated 60 per cent of annual gym memberships purchased in January going unused by mid-February, Dunsworth-Reiach notes it is also important to consider long-term value. 


You can read the full article here.


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CMHC will increase its mortgage loan insurance premiums for homeowners and 1 – 4 unit rental properties effective May 1, 2014.



The increase applies to mortgage loan insurance premiums for owner occupied, self-employed and 1– 4 unit rental properties, including low-ratio refinance premiums. This increase does not apply to mortgages currently insured by CMHC.


For the average Canadian homebuyer requiring CMHC insured financing, the higher premium will result in an increase of approximately $5 to their monthly mortgage payment. This is not expected to have a material impact on the housing market.


Effective May 1st, CMHC Purchase (owner occupied 1 – 4 units) mortgage insurance premiums will increase by approximately 15%, on average, for all loan-to-value ranges.



Loan-to-Value Ratio

Standard Premium (Current)

Standard Premium (Effective 
May 1, 2014)

Up to and including 65%



Up to and including 75%



Up to and including 80%



Up to and including 85%



Up to and including 90%



Up to and including 95%



90.01% to 95% – 
Non-Traditional Down Payment




For more information on CMHC’s mortgage insurance rate increase, go here.


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I have listed a new property at 401 33338 MAYFAIR AVE in Abbotsford.
Best Priced Unit In Area! Wonderful Top Floor Unit! 1 bedroom open concept, granite counter tops, laminate flooring and stainless steel appliances. With a mountain view off your deck to the North, this is hard to beat. Located in the Stirling Building blocks from Mill Lake, 4 blocks from the new hospital and convenient to Highway 1. No rentals, One pet allowed. Call Today !!! Why Rent when you can Own!
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Honey, stop the car!

Great family home in the Yorkson. Over 3900 sqft. floor offers big living room with dining, large kitchen with oversize island, pantry, wok kitchen, stainless appliances & granite countertops.

4 bedrooms up including 2 ensuites. Fully finished 3 bedroom basement with separate entrance.

Close to Linda Fripp Elementary & RE Mountain Secondary, Langley Event Centre and Walnut Grove community Centre. See the full listing here.

Call today for a viewing appointment.

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I always love to hear about stories in the community of people helping each other, so today I would like to share with you about the Abbotsford Police Thunderbirds and how they raised $1,200 in a hockey fundraiser for alocal  5 year old girl needing money for cancer treatment.



We can ALL do something for someone, somewhere. I encourage you to see how you can help today!


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...


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BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) Chief Economist Cameron Muir discusses the December 2014 statistics:

If you have any questions pertaining to this report please contact: 

Cameron Muir Chief Economist Direct: 604.742.2780 Mobile: 778.229.1884 Email: cmuir@bcrea.bc.ca 

Damian Stathonikos Director of Communications and Public Affairs Direct: 604.742.2793 Mobile: 778.990.1320 Email: dstathonikos@bcrea.bc.ca 

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I have listed a new property at 21064 84TH AVE in Langley.
Great family home in the Yorkson. Over 3900 sqft. floor offers big living room with dining, large kitchen with oversize island, pantry, wok kitchen, stainless appliances & granite countertops. 4 bedrooms up including 2 ensuites. Fully finished 3 bedroom basement with separate entrance. Close to Linda Fripp Elementary & RE Mountain Secondary, Langley Event Centre and Walnut Grove community Centre.
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I thought I would share a very unique home with you today!

Three Old Grain Silos Converted Into A Unique Farmhouse

This design is highly innovative and unique. It is a beautiful B&B place and its magic lies in the very original structure of the building as the architects used formed grain silos to build the house. 

These grain silos confer an industrial feel to this B&B and the strong and imposing outside harmonizes perfectly with the soft inside. The spot is called Abbey Road Farm and let’s discover together the beauty it hides inside. There are 6 different kinds of suits, each of them with an amazing view over the English Garden or the valley, spacious with a king size bed, additional seating places and high class design. 

The largest of them is the Abbey Road Farm Ranch House, which can accommodate up to 6 people in its 3 bedrooms and comes with 2 baths and a fully equipped kitchen. The Abbey Road Farm is an incredible place, where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Just take a look at the pictures to convince yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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REBGV Board Chair Ray Harris returns this month with a look at the housing market in 2014 in our year-end review.


For more news and statistics visit us at http://www.rebgv.org

Follow REBGV at http://www.facebook.com/REBGV and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/REBGV.


Here's' to a wonderful 2015!


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A funny thing happened on the way to the theatre.. .Actor Todd Talbot was heading to rehearsals of the Stanley Theatre's production of High Society a few years back when his phone buzzed to life. The voice on the other end suggested that it was time Talbot's two worlds collided.Talbot had spent 25 years working as an actor and for almost as long he'd been building a real estate career "on the down-low."There's a joke about what you call an actor with a bottle of champagne. The answer, of course, is a waiter. It's a stereotype with which Talbot is well acquainted.


"If you're an actor and you're seen doing something else it somehow insinuates that you're not successful as an actor," he says.While his evenings were spent persuading theatre audiences to invest in his character, his days were spent investing in properties - but he kept his real estate life secret.


As is the fate of most secret identities, Talbot's alter ego slowly become public knowledge until he was the "de facto real estate guy in the acting community in Vancouver," he recollects.


It was because of that reputation he got the call.


They were looking for a real estate agent who could play a real estate agent on TV to co-host Love It or List It Vancouver.


The spinoff, co-hosted by The Bachelor survivor Jillian Harris, asks homeowners who have grown disenchanted with their dwelling to renovate or relocate.Despite a professed addiction to HGTV shows, Talbot had never pursued reality TV. "I had huge hesitation," he admits. "How would (doing the show) impact my ability to go and do Taming of the Shrew at Bard on the Beach?"If he had been offered a role on TV that involved extolling the virtues of spray-on hair or dating Flavor Flav, Talbot would have passed - but this was steady work.


"My actor's mind looked at it and went: 'This is a big, long gig that pays better than theatre.'"With a second child to support and his gut leading the way, Talbot blindly threw himself into the show and his worlds collided.


"It kind of engulfed my life a little bit," he says of the show's first two seasons.With 26 episodes each season, the show is perpetually in production, ruling out theatre for the time being.


"Hopefully I'll be able to exercise that muscle somewhere down the road," Talbot says.The actor, who was once presented by his family with a Motor Mouth t-shirt, speaks quickly - his verbosity peppered with humour and the relentless optimism of someone who can barely see dark clouds past the silver linings.However, Talbot is quite candid when discussing the challenges of keeping Love It or List It Vancouver fresh without deviating from the show's defining formula.


"It's the blessing and the curse of show," Talbot says of the show's format. "It's a challenge in every episode because you go, 'Really? Are we dealing with another: I don't want to leave my neighbourhood?'"Vancouver's multitude of interesting locations has helped, he says.


"I think the Vancouver production, as opposed to the Toronto one, has managed to find its own legs and find its own personality."Much of that personality is supplied by the homeowners, all of whom bring a different energy and allow for a creative way to tell the same Budget vs. Location story.


"You always end up in that conversation. You can't not," Talbot says with a chuckle. "Unless you're (Lululemon founder) Chip Wilson, there's a compromise to be had."A resident of Lions Bay, "poor man's West Van," Talbot is aware of what a compromise can produce."I couldn't afford the house and the view that we have in West Vancouver or on the west side of Vancouver, for that matter," he says.


Love It or List It Vancouver, somewhat inadvertently, also chronicles the "destructive trend" of maximizing square footage at all costs in building mansions, notes Talbot.


"I really wish people would consider the environment that they're putting the house in as much as they consider the function of the internal elements of the house," he says. "I shudder to think what the city might look like in another 25 years."


Talbot has talked of doing another show in the lifestyle genre or even hosting a game show.


"For me, life is about making sure that your soul is filled with the things that you're passionate about."Love It or List It Vancouver is currently accepting applications for Lower Mainland homeowners to appear on season three. To apply visit: bigcoatproductions.com/be-on-tv.


- See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/entertainment/dossier/love-it-or-list-it-vancouver-returns-for-third-season-1.1725732#sthash.NUmFcBE3.dpuf


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How to hook the newest homebuyer demographic


Millennials have grown up in a technology-fueled world, where personal computers are everywhere, smartphones are the norm and they’ve grown used to the ability to connect anywhere with their tablets. Facebook was originally created for them as college students. Reality television has shown them that anyone can make a million dollars. Millennials tend to have a tendency toward instant gratification; they believe life is full of unlimited opportunities and are more connected by technology than any previous generation.


Many millennials are not quick to rush into buying their first house, but when they do, as a Realtor, the way you must cater to them might be brand-new to you. They want information, and they want it now. They don’t want to be sold. They don’t commit easily, so it will take them time to find the house of their dreams.


Santiago Cornejo / Shutterstock.com
Santiago Cornejo / Shutterstock.com


How do you cater to millennials? Use their love of technology to impress them and make your life easier. Use technology to manage their expectations and to give them the information they are looking for before they buy a house.


Here are six tips to working with our technology-driven millennial generation:


1. Make your website work for you


Millennials want information; they crave it. They want to be educated about a process before they make the final decision. This is especially true when buying a house. They watched the housing market crash, and they have been gun-shy about entering the market. So how do you turn that around? You educate them until they can’t take in another piece of information.


The easiest way to do that is to let your website do the work for you. Create a page on your website that exclusively caters to first-time homebuyers. Include a list of frequently asked questions, useful infographics and links to articles written by you that will feed first-time homebuyers information. Include a free report about the homebuying process that they can download after providing an email address. This not only gives you a list of potential leads, but it gives the prospect all the information they want in one place. Give them the information they are looking for, and you will pave the way to becoming their trusted real estate adviser.


2. Connect on social media


The millennial generation is all about connecting on social media, and they love to share what is going on in their lives. When you first meet a new client, find out which social media platform is important to them and connect with them there. (It may not be Facebook!) If it’s possible to do within their favorite social media site, add them to a custom list so you can easily find out what they are talking about. The goal here is to clue into what they are talking about during the homebuying process, the struggles, the issues and the questions. This will help you anticipate their needs, which will make you look like a super star agent.


3. Custom email campaigns


Email is still king when it comes to marketing to prospects. When millennials gives you an email address, dazzle them with an automated email drip campaign. Send important homebuying tips, but don’t make it all about real estate. Other ideas that are useful to millennial homebuyers include information about the schools, good restaurants in the area or local interest groups they can join. Millennials don’t compartmentalize areas of their lives when they are searching for a home. They are going to want to know whether the area will fit their overall

lifestyle, so show them that it will by providing them with useful information about the area.


4. Give millennials tools


This is the generation that uses an app for everything. When you meet with them, give them a list of apps they can use during the homebuying process, and they will feel like you really understand what they need during this time in their lives.


Ideas for apps include: realtor.com (unless you have your own branded app), Homesnap, My Nest, DocuSign, Crime Mapping and Mortgage Calculator.


If there is a cost to purchasing the apps, then buy the app for them. Millennials like to feel special, and this small gesture will go a long way.


In addition to apps, provide them with spreadsheets and checklists that will help them during the homebuying process. By giving them these tools, it will show millennials that you understand their needs, which will make you look like the expert real estate agent!


5. Set communication expectations


Millennials are so connected to technology, whether through email, social media or texting, that it seems like they always have a phone or tablet in their hands. It is important for you as the agent to set communication expectations upfront when you first meet with millennials. Ask them how they like to communicate and whether they prefer a phone call, email or text. Let them know your hours and your turn time for responding.

I know that real estate agents work all of the time, but some millennials may send you texts or emails at midnight asking about a particular listing! If you don’t want to be expected to answer at midnight, set that expectation upfront. Let them know if they text or email at a late hour, you will respond first thing in the morning. By setting these expectations upfront, they won’t feel disappointed by your communication, and you won’t feel irritated by those late-night texts or emails!


6. Create webinars


Remember in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when first-time homebuyer seminars were all the rage and would drive real estate leads? The seminars fell off as the information became more readily available on the Internet.


Go where your millennial clients are and offer first-time homebuyer webinars. This will give prospects the opportunity to get to know you and will help build trust in choosing you as their real estate agent. Millennials want to be educated, and they turn to the Internet to get that education. Impress them from the beginning by offering them a webinar that caters to their needs!


Millennials are the current first-time homebuyer demographic that help to drive the real estate market. We need them in the market to keep it moving forward. Millennials can be seen as a challenging group to work with, but I think it is because they are misunderstood. Get to know their generation, what they like and don’t like, their purchasing behavior and how they operate. Most importantly, cater to their love of technology and their need for information. Doing this will earn their trust, and you will be known in your area as the Realtor for the millennial generation!


Because YOU Desrve the Best ...


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Listen to BC Real Estate Association Chief Economist Cameron Muir as he discusses the latest statistics:



Click here to visit our YouTube channel. Read the news release here.


For inquiries regarding statistical and economics-related news releases, please contact:


Cameron Muir
Chief Economist
Brendon Ogmundson


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The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 5,972 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in November, up 8.8 per cent from November 2013. Total sales dollar volume was $3.4 billion, an increase of 12.1 per cent compared to a year ago. The average MLS® residential price in the province rose to $574,694, up 3.1 per cent from the same month last year.


"BC home sales were robust in November," said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist. "Improving economic conditions, strong consumer confidence and persistently low mortgage interest rates are providing a solid foundation for elevated consumer demand."


"Market conditions have improved province-wide, with most regional markets now in the mid to high range of a balanced market," added Muir.


Year-to-date, BC residential sales dollar volume was up 22.1 per cent to $44.8 billion, compared to the same period last year. Residential unit sales were up 15.3 per cent to 78,973 units, while the average MLS® residential price was up 6.0 per cent at $567,292.

- See more here.

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