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There are a lot of homes to choose from these days, and it's important to arm yourself with the best tools when house hunting.  What's the point in looking for a home, when you're not prepared! Wink

One of the most essential house hunting tools, which is often overlooked when buyers hit the pavement, is a camera.  Digital cameras today are so easy to use and have memory cards that make the number of pictures that can be stored virtually unlimited.  Taking pictures is an excellent way to supplement the information provided in MLS listings.

digital camera

Most digital cameras also switch between still photos and video, so make use of the video feature. 

Here are suggestions for what to photograph as you look at properties:

  • Property address.  If there is no address on the curb, mailbox or building, take a close-up photo of the address on the MLS listing and make that the first photo in the series you take on the property
  • Unique features that might influence your decision to make an offer
  • Specific model and condition – perhaps even serial number – of each appliance or other item that the MLS listing says comes with the property
  • Expensive faucets, chandeliers, and other installed fixtures that might be assumed to come with the property but should be noted in the purchase contract
  • Rooms or spaces that could be remodeling or redecorating projects
  • Items that you might request be repaired or replaced before close of escrow

Along with your camera, remember to pack a flash if the camera doesn’t have one, spare batteries, and spare memory cards.  If your camera has interchangeable lenses, bring a wide angle lens for interior photos.

Happy house hunting!

Note: If the property is occupied, ask for permission before taking photos.

When you are ready to start house hunting, be sure to give me a call!  I'd love to help you find the home of your drams!

Till then ...

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