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Here is a wonderful post I just had to share with you, from the on quick and profitable sales this summer!



After a brutal winter, the heat has finally arrived and with it, expectations of a hotter real estate market. The flurry of housing activity normally reserved for early spring is extending into the summer, industry experts say.


“The pent up demand from the winter is coming to fruition. As soon as listings come out, they’re being swallowed up,” Gurinder Sandhu, executive vice-president at RE/MAX’s Ontario-Atlantic Canada Division, says.


“For buyers there are more choice and for sellers there are more buyers.”


How you price your home and how you prepare its for sale are key.


“Price trends from one neighbourhood to the next can be very different,” Gregory Klump, chief economist at the Canadian Real Estate Association. “If you price your property too high, there is a chance it’ll sit on the market without offers.”


Click here to see how three recent home sellers weighed their options, and came out with the sale price they were looking for.

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