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We are working hard to change the lives of two very special little girls from the home that Imani Orphan Care works with in Malindi on the Kenya coast called God Our Father Children’s Home.  We have been blessed with an appointment for these girls to see a surgeon from Kijabe Missions Hosptial in Kijabe Kenya on Monday July 1st.  We are presently working on getting CT scans done for both girls in either Malindi or Mombasa in order to give the doctors at the hospital a better idea of what the needs for the girls are.  Kijabe is quite a distance from Malindi and it will require a flight to Nairobi and then a drive of about an hour and a half north of Nairobi.  Our Imani team is going to be in the area of Navaisha at this time only 40 km from Kijabe Missions Hospital we will be there to meet with the girls and their caregivers when they arrive.  We are so excited about all that God will do through this appointment and how He will change the girl’s lives!


Beatrice was born in 2009 and she lives at God Our Father Children’s Home in Malindi.  Beatrice was abandoned by her father and then her mother also abandoned her shortly after her birth when her mother found out that she was pregnant with another child.  Beatrice was born with a condition called hydrocephalus and she also has a condition called aqueductal stenosis.  Her condition causes swelling in her brain due to the imbalance of how much cerebrospinal fluid is made and absorbed. Our hope with Beatrice having surgery is to make her more comfortable.  We pray for Beatrice to have a long life on earth but because of her condition we are not sure if this surgery can extend her life at this time although this is our prayer.


Maria is an outreach child at God Our Father Children’s Home so this means that she does not live at the orphanage but the home helps to pay for her medicine and care.  Maria is blessed to have both of her parents although her parents have lost almost everything and they are living in poverty due to trying to help their child.  Our hope is that this surgery will be life changing for Maria and also for her family allowing them to keep their child with them.  Many of the kids that come to the homes that Imani Orphan Care works with are in the homes because their families could not feed them.  Many of the kids are abandoned or left at the homes due to the huge problem of poverty in Kenya and many of the kids that we work with are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS.  Our hope is that Maria gets the help that she needs to make her life more comfortable and to change her life.  This surgery will also help to prevent another child living     in an orphanage and it will help to keep Maria with her parents.


To donate towards helping these precious girls in need please donate on the home page of our web site or mail a cheque made out to Imani Orphan Care.



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