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I found an interesting article in that I'd like to share with you.  Of course being in Real Estate I'm always reading and researching about real estate investing also, and found this to be very interesting.  It's all about investing in Canada!  We, according to this write, are a safe haven, a fool proof bet, on investing your money wisely.



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"As the world goes through its continuing economic turmoil, Canada has quietly become one of the world's economic safe havens. A haven where international money is being parked for safety and ROI, a haven that is poised to provide the world what it needs for at least the next decade and probably a lot longer.

However, most Canadians are the last to truly believe what we are sitting on. We have been so programmed over our history to look elsewhere for opportunity - always playing small. Well, 2011 - 2020 will be the exact wrong time to be doing so, in fact, we are in the first year of what will prove to be Canada's Economic Decade - one of the best times in history to invest in this country.

Unfortunately, due to a misdirected attitude that cheap equals good when investing in real estate, many Canadian investors have turned their eyes south as real estate prices in the United States continue to plummet.

Investors with their eyes solely on the cheap price of U.S. real estate have flooded Canadian media with their tales of deals and steals. One can only hope that these investors understand the real life metrics involved in analyzing a market's potential (currency risk, taxation, record jobless numbers, massive debt, property supply and demand) and have decided to take the 'buy cheap' risk anyway despite the reality.

This is the equivalent of buying a $1,000 suit for $500 and ignoring the fact that the pants are torn in nine places."


If you are interesting in investing in Canada, right here at home, give me a call (604-832-8229) or get in touch with me here and we can set up an appointment.



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