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Spring is around the corner, the time changes in a few days, and all things feel new and refreshed ... or getting there anyway!  The sun is breaking through the grey every once in a while!  That  makes people smile and think happy thoughts!


I had a very happy thought the other day as I was pondering on how to provide you, my customers, clients and social media followers, with more value!  Then it came to me ...




So, right now, I'd like to introduce you to my LATEST contest on social media.  It is a give away of a wonderful book by David Chilton, otherwise known as "The Wealthy Barber".  In his newest book, The Wealthy Barber Returns, David's introduction goes like this:


Until recently, I believed I would never write another personal-finance book. Luck played such a huge role in The Wealthy Barber’s success that I didn’t want to tempt fate.


So what changed my mind?




After watching Canadians’ savings rates plunge, debt levels skyrocket and investment returns consistently disappoint over the last decade, I was pulling my hair out. I wondered, “How can I help?”


I’m hopeful that The Wealthy Barber Returns will answer that question.

Here is my personal invitation to my newest contest:



I look forward to seeing a lot of you in the entry draw!  Can't wait to give this away!


Till next time ...



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