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This one goes out to all my Realtor friends, acquaintances and colleagues.



It was a dark and stormy night... The rain fell in torrents against the windows of the sixth floor Training Room at CREA, where the Board of Directors of the Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation gathered for their annual autumn meeting.

They were faced with a challenge: how to uncover the total amount that over 100,000 REALTORS® across Canada gave to charity in 2012. The Directors agreed: money talks. A grand total would speak volumes about the generosity of Canadian REALTORS®. It would complement the in-depth stories of REALTORS®' charitable achievements in their communities, found on It would make everyone in organized real estate proud.

The Board knew they were behind the eight ball. They needed to bring in some outside help. Luckily, Cal Lindberg announced that he knew a guy... who knew a guy... who could connect them to a gum-shoe... someone discreet... someone they could trust.
To meet the private eye on the case and discover how you can help solve the mystery, watch the video.



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