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As you know the lending policy has changed a lot in the last two years.  One of the most challenging changes is how they calculate rental income . For all big banks the maximum  you can use is 50%  of the rental income can be added to gross income. For example if you make $1000/mo income from a property, you can add $6000 to increase your annual income. This makes it harder to qualify for larger mortgages.


Here’s the good news!


Here are some key points to know:

  1. High ratio owner occupied subject property with basement suite legal/non-legal – there are insurers that will allow 100% add back to income
  2. No subject properties whether high ratio or not can be qualified using rental worksheets or a rental offset depending on the lenders.
  3. Subject Rental property can use rental worksheet or offset depending on the lender.


This is great news for your clients buying property with an income suite or those clients moving up and converting their insured owner occupied homes into an income property.


Qualifying using these programs has significant effect on the amount of mortgage we can qualify our customers for.


Who do you know who is already invested in real estate and wants to expand their portfolio? Who do you know who owns their own home and wants to start a rental portfolio? Are they having trouble getting qualified?


For more information and to apply online please visit

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