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We are full into the swing of summer vacations this year. How wonderful it is to relax, refresh and refuel for the busy fall season that lies ahead.


Everybody does summer vacaction differently though; some stay close to home, some go on extravagent overseas holidays and still others enjoy the familiarity of a family campground that they've visited the last 10 (or more) years. 


I thought I would provide you with some ideas and information today on all of these types of summer vacations and activities.


For staying close to home there are always great local events to go to, most of which are family friendly! 


In Abbotsford there is the upcoming Agrifair and Rodeo or the ever popular Abbotsford Airshow 



In Langley there's the Vancouver Zoo or if your tastes are a little more grown up, there is Bard in the Valley which is currently playing till August 3rd.


As far as (extravagent) overseas holidays I read about this Canadian, local to Vancouver actually, family that has traveled the world over the last five years, and has blogged about it every step of the way. They are called the Traveling Canucks and you can read their blog here. It's really very interesting and fun how they've managed to pull it all off!


Some love the familiarity of a family campground! There are many in BC to enjoy! Here is a website for the BC Parks (Government campgrounds) and here is a resource for non-government campgrounds. GoCampingBC even has a mobile app to make things super easy! 

Whatever you end up doing for your summer vacation this year, enjoy yourself with your family, friends and loved ones, and stay safe!


Because YOU Deserve the Best ...




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