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It always amazes me how quickly Spring Break comes upon us every year.  Even though I don't have children in school anymore, that doesn't mean I forget about it.  In fact, we ALL need to be very aware as there will be kids EVERYWHERE starting Monday, March 18th, for 2 weeks. 



You may be thinking, "what can I DO with these kids while they're home" ... so I'd like to offer some suggestions that you'll enjoy doing together with them!


I found this GREAT website (I actually like their Facebook page better) called Homesteading and Survivalism.  Now, it's not really exactly what you think, it's not all about living off of nothing, but it's more about making creative choices and solutions with what you DO have.


Here is a craft project I saw there once, and just think it's such a great fun project:



Check out THIS LINK to see more of their amazing ideas!


You can always turn to Pinterest too for crafty, stay home during spring break and DIY ideas! 


Whatever you DO end up doing for spring break, I hope you have a wonderful and safe time with your kids!!  Hey, there's always house hunting if you're done crafting!  Wink


Till next time ...



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