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As a Real Estate Agent I am an entrepreneur and although I represent a brand (Homelife Benchmark), I am my own boss. With that in mind, I'd like to share some highlights from a great article I found on


"Being effective as an entrepreneur is often about hard work, but even more importantly it’s about smart work. Great entrepreneurs know that time is limited and valuable, so they need to make the most of each waking hour."




Here are five essential and easy things every entrepreneur should do before bed that will make help transform your waking hours into a potentially great day full of practicality and productivity.


1. Take a look at your calendar. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. By reviewing your calendar the night before, you’ll know what’s ahead for the day so you can be prepared and plan for the best method to tackle your objectives.


2. Get the gym bag ready. Whether you go to the gym, run in the neighborhood or walk your dog, have your exercise gear out and ready to throw on for when you wake up.


3. Turn off your phone. Sleep is a crucial part of the successful entrepreneur’s healthy lifestyle. Once you’ve checked your calendar and you know what’s ahead for tomorrow, put the phone on silent or turn it off to ensure it doesn’t beep, chime or ring and disturb your REM cycle.


4. Write in your journal. No, not the “dear diary” kind of entries. Keeping a journal is a practice that can help you process the day and make sense of your thoughts.


5. Read a real book. One last thing to contribute to your good sleep is to read a quality book.


Read the full article from here.


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